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Tutorial for how to use Paypal payment gateway without Paypal account

Step 1:

Once you have added all options to the cart. Please select "Checkout" for making the final payment. 

photo_2023-09-18 18.50.36.jpeg

Step 2:

Use "or continue below" and fill your correct details in the text boxes

Step 3:

Check your details and press "Continue"

Step 4:

Select "Paypal" option

Step 5:

Select "Place order & Pay" option

Step 6:

Select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option

Step 7: Now you are checking out as Guest

Enter your email id and press "Continue to Payment"

Step 8:

  • Enter your card details

  • Important: Unselect "Save info & Create your Paypal account" if you do not wish to create Paypal account.

  • Press "Continue as guest"

Step 9: 

Once payment is successful, you will see the "Thank you" page with Order number. You should have received an email as well with Order details. 

Thanks for following all the steps


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