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Milonee has been around for decades and has served the community of Colorado as a central platform to practice and promote Indian Culture, traditions, customs and culture along with engagement in charity work and volunteering activities including youth and kids participation. 
It all started with a small group of Bengali families living here in Colorado many many years ago. Today, it has evolved into a large community of varied age group and background. We all share a common interest and love for our culture and traditions. Even though we have grown significantly we still maintain the essence of a large family and welcome any and every new member with open arms and make them our own. Each year under Milonee's banner we congregate to celebrate at least three to four events and feel the love and warmth of the community around us. This year too, the tradition will continue in much the same manner. Milonee of Colorado also organizes special cultural events from time to time, performed by artists visiting from India. 

 Milonee of Colorado is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization


Meet the Milonee Team for 2022

 President - Krishnendu Das

 Vice President - Raja Roy

 Treasurer - Sabyasachi Sinha

 Secretary - Prashanta Bhowmik

 Advisor  - Pinaki Nag

Sabysachi Sinha

Samapti Bhowmik


Sangita Dutta

Shantanu Bera

Sharmistha Sarkar

Sweta Ghosh

Somshubhra Majumder

Souvik Chaudhuri

Siddharth Mitra

Sohini Ghosh

Sourav Gupta

Soutir Banerjee

Sraboni Sinha

Sritama Roy

Sucharita Biswas

Sucharita Das

Sumit Sarkar

Tathagata Roy

Vivek Pramanik

Aditi Pathak

Agnimitra Chattarjee

Anand Rudra

Anirban Bhattacharjee

Anuradha Kamath

Arannyak Ghosh

Arindam Ghosh


Gaurav Basu

Jayita Aich

Kaushik Aich

Kaushik Dutta

Mili Chakraborty

Mousumi Ghosh

Pinaki Nag

Prashanta Bhowmik

Priya Nag

Raja Roy

Rajeswari Banerji

Rituparna Gupta



    Team            Lead
 Cultural -  Soutir

 Food -       Prashanta B

 Logistics -  Pinaki, Kaushik A


 Directors - Rajeswari, Jayita

 Pujo -  Beauty & Sangita

 Finance -   Sabyasachi

 Magazine - Agnimitra

 Sponsor & FundRaising -    Suman, Pinaki , Soutir

 Hall Booking &

 Insurance -  Pinaki

 Marketing, Social Media &  Communication - Vivek

 Tax/Legal -  Sabyasachi


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